Walk-In Services

A medical emergency is one circumstance in which the patient’s life is not at imminent risk, but it requires urgency in health care. Against this, we respond quickly and efficiently with the human resource and the most appropriate service.

A compassionate senior care should be prepared to provide all necessary services to give their patients the peace of mind they deserve. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Belonging to Clinica Las Mercedes you have the comfort of having a trained emergency service, which means that if you ever need medical care can come to any of our centers, and will be staffed by doctors trained with all the facilities that the case requires.

You do not need an appointment, because we are a real health clinic that wants our customers have the confidence to tell us any medical situation that may arise.

Once the patient is cared determined its health, with precise indications and, if conditions require it, it is hospitalized in one of the Hospital Clinical Services.

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