Primary Care Physicians

The main part of any health clinic is your doctors, In clinical Las Mercedes we have a group of highly
trained professionals to work with elderly people and people with Medicaid overseeing all aspects of
health care individualizing the process of care per patient.

One of the reasons that make us superior in this aspect is that our primary care physicians see a
certain minimum daily helping patients with this quality of each treatment, so in clinica Las Mercedes,
health and well-being are guaranteed.

Currently life expectancy is higher than ever. Many people of advanced†age lead active, healthy lives.
But there are things that cannot be avoided as we grow older; it is that our bodies and minds change
as the yearís progress.

Geriatrics is the field of medicine that focuses on the care of older people. Although most health
professionals provide services to people of all ages, a variety of specialized services that focus solely
on the treatment of the elderly population. The advantage of these services is a higher level of
education and experience in the conditions most frequently associated with the aging process that is
why we have medical specialists in the elderly to give complete care of your health.

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