Massage Therapy

In our physical therapy centers is very important, Physical therapy has many benefits for those who are
recovering from injury or illness. It also serves to those who need additional assistance with regard to
the mobility of the affected limbs and even if have a disability.

Physical therapy can restore mobility, freedom and independence, there is an important role in the lives
of people taking this difference as an option. The services of a good physical therapist can reduce
long-term illness or injury, as well as assistance in promptly and the whole recovery impact.

All persons who need additional assistance with regard to mobility or disability issues can benefit from
physical therapy.

Naturally it is important to have professionals like we have in the medical center Las Mercedes

Also in our centers we have gym because seniors can get many benefits if they exercise regularly, not
just physically, but emotionally, because it will help them face life with more optimism and relate to
others, thus avoiding loneliness, a risk factor for physical and mental health of older people can be
prevented with activities that facilitate socialization. Moreover, even studies have found that exercise
slows the aging brain and may prevent the development of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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