The Clinical Laboratory clinical Las Mercedes has technology that allows the realization of a lot of
evidence to provide medical aid for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

We have digital x-rays, which is the set of techniques for obtaining radiological images scanned in
digital format.

Digital radiography has numerous advantages; including image quality is significantly better
traditional radiography and a document immediately obtained without waiting, providing longer action
before a successful disease and diagnosis.

It is a fully computerized system and thanks to digital technology the patient has less exposure to
radiation, as X-ray films are scanned in about 5 seconds. In addition, teams are lighter, allowing greater
mobility to take x-rays, if the patient cannot take certain posture.

We also have modern equipment for all Blood tests and clinical trials.

In our centers we can also do electrocardiograms, the graphical representation of the electrical activity
of the heart and echo cardiogram test is a diagnostic ultrasound reveals the shape, size and strength
of the heart.

All this guarantees the slightest movement and more quickly and effectively in clinical outcomes.


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