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Clinica las Mercedes was founded in 1973. Since our inception we have strived to be a leader in Miami senior care and health management. Our centers have Board Certified Physicians, nurses and caregivers who see patient care and wellbeing as their number one priority. Our staff has years of experience in preventative medicine, and patient care. All our centers are equipped with up to date medical and information systems to identify and address medical conditions quickly and effectively.

We have four medical centers strategically located within Miami-Dade County.

Join the home of modern Miami senior care – Clinica las Mercedes.

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Our Team

Our Services

    Wellness Center
Clinica Las Mercedes offers Medicare patients a variety of
seminars and educational programs. Our exercise classes at
our medical centers in Miami include Yoga and Tai Chi.

   Walk-in Services
A medical emergency is one circumstance in which the
patient’s life is not at imminent risk, but it requires urgency in
health care.

We know how stressful it can be transported through our city,
that’s why every morning, our fleet of strategically scattered
throughout the city ready to pick up...

    Primary Care Physicians
The main part of any health clinic is your doctors, In clinical Las
Mercedes we have a group of highly trained professionals to
work with elderly people and people with Medicaid overseeing

No other provider of medical services is so in tune with the
needs of the patient than Clinica Las Mercedes Miami Medical

    Vision Care
In the Clinica Las Mercedes we care that our members have all
the eye care with the best group of Ophthalmologists in Miami
Dade County.

We spare no efforts to provide first-class service, to have their
prescriptions on time gives peace of mind to people.

    Dental Care
A real health care services knows that dental care is imperative
for patients to have a better quality of life.

    Massage Theraphy
In our physical therapy centers is very important, Physical
therapy has many benefits for those who are recovering from
injury or illness.

The Clinical Laboratory clinical Las Mercedes has technology
that allows the realization of a lot of evidence to provide
medical aid for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

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Llegue aquí y note la diferencia que hay en el trato. Esto más que una clínica es una casa para uno. Todos nos llevamos muy bien y se pasa bien. Se preocupan mucho qué es lo más importante y la salud de las personas por eso es que soy miembro de ella y me siento...

Para el poco tiempo que llevo me siento muy contenta. Conocí a los médicos son muy buenos son muy comprensivos con nosotros. Estoy muy contenta.

Mi nombre es Ana Rondon pertenezco a la clínica las mercedes donde he encontrado la comprensión, el amor, el cariño, la atención profesional necesaria en esta edad. Desde que estoy en las mercedes me siento otra persona. Siento que he renacido.

Yo comencé primero y ella estaba en otra clínica y bueno yo tuve conocimiento de esta y me gustó mucho. Lo más que me gusto sobre todo es la relación de médico y paciente y todos los trabajadores como tienen la relación con nosotros. Es una relación de cariño, una relación de familia y entonces...